Our aim is to provide balanced and most modern educational environment where students can achieve their fullest potential in every sphere of life and they can make their best contribution to the society in the ever changing world.

Education is the only utility which can empower girls. Educating a girl child in India is very important to remove various social issues against girls in the Indian society. Keeping these points in view Anjuman-I-Islam’s Khalifa Ziauddin Girls’ Primary School was established in Mahim in the year 1941 with just 5-6 girls and Mrs. Mathai as its Head Mistress.

Years rolled by and this very institution has gradually progressed and proved its contribution to the society. Today the strength has increased to 1200 girl students and the present Headmistress Mrs. Zeenat Javed Khan has been striving hard to provide the best of technologies to the students so that they can beat their counterparts in very possible field.